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Nass 750 Fountain Lift Pump

Nass 750 Fountain Lift Pump

SKU: Nass 750 Air



Natural resource and environmental managers are often challenged by problems caused by lake and pond stratification. The main purpose of aeration is to increase and stabilize the amount of dissolved oxygen in the entire water column and this has a widespread effect on many different aspects of pond and lake health.


NASS -Air750 Pond Aeration Fountain / Irrigation Transfer Pump/Water Falls

• No power needed at location

• Runs from just 4 Solar PV panels

• Solar pump runs during sunlight even overcast

• Up to 25m3 per hour (0.25 Cubic feet per second)

• Infused Air system to maximize air absorption

• Ideal for pond management and many other water transferring applications

• Can be used for water lifting/pumping, 3” Connection

• Used for landscape water falls

• High efficiency, brushless DC motor

• Built in air adapter to increase aeration pond applications

• Optional - UV protected floating device

• Water proof controller with added functions Uses

• Water fountains


• Ponds • Water Falls • Lifting pumps field irrigation• Large volume sump pumps

  • Nass 750 Air Fountain Pump



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