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Technical Specifications 

Name : Nass DC Div 

Model : NASS24-15

Life : 20000H

Color : Black

Material : PPS

Waterproof level : IP68


Noise : ≤45dB

Sealability :  ≥ 0.4MPa

Insulation class CLASS:  F(155℃)

Type : Centrifugal

Performance parameters

Rated voltage 24(Vdc)Direct from PV Panel or Battery

voltage range 8V-28VVoltage Range

Current Rating 3A ±10%Maximum flow state

Rated power 72 WMaximum flow state

Static lift15 MAt 15 Meter the Flow is 0

Open Flow20 LPM Flow head is zero


Working Performance

Ambient temperature -25℃-50℃

Liquid temperature 0℃-100℃

Environment humidity Submersible 

The type of liquid :  Liquid

Power Type : PV, Battery or Power Adapter Allowed

Pump Flow Performance.JPG
Unit Cost $115 
Solar Pump Replacement TOPFLOW.JPG
Nass Canada DC Division Solar Pump.JPG
Water pump Solar.JPG
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